September Power Struggles Webinar


5 Positive Parenting Tips to Help Gain Cooperation & Dissolve Power Struggles with Integrity! 

Topics covered will include:  

  • How to gently guide your kids towards action, even when they don't want to move or do what's asked of them
  • Ways to see kids who push back a lot as incredible blessings & future leaders 
  • The importance of paradigm shifting with thoughts & beliefs about power seeking misbehavior 
  • How to implement a Pause Button or Heart Connector to ignite creativity & model self-control 

What: Power Struggles Online Master Class 

When: Sept. 25th 2018 @ 9am PT

Where: Online (I'll provide link after registration)

Why: Because you deserve to be supported with a full parenting toolkit that helps you feel confident, joyful & successful in your parenting walk! Power struggles with our kids can be so defeating & exhausting...this class can help you! 

Wondering if you'd like to learn with me? Watch this to decide for yourself.

This class is for you if you'd love to learn ...

  • 5 ways to dissolve power struggles with integrity so your kids do what you want because they want to, not because they HAVE to 
  • Steps to reduce your reliance on fear, force, bribery, rewards & nagging to influence your kids
  • Powerful positive strategies that not only help you self-calm, but also work to decrease push back from your kiddos
  • How to get to the root of your child’s power seeking misbehavior so you can effectively redirect them towards better behavior
  • Tips that will help you slow down, seek to understand, see the light in your kids & become more intentional & effective as a parent 

You deserve to feel confident & empowered. Here's how this class will help.  

What You Want

You want your kiddos to listen & respect you — and not push back on what you say. I'll help you find new respectful ways to get them to cooperate better and push back less so you can enjoy your days a a parent!


It can be hard to know what to say when your kids look right in your eyes & say "No I won't & you can't make me! These tips will help you know how to communicate in a way that they will respond. 

Expanding Your Toolkit

Successfull families with respectful, connected relationships have full toolkits! I'll show you how to pack yours full of effective power struggle dissolving tools that truly work to avoid epic meltdowns.  


It can be easy to feel alone in your parenting struggles, like no one else understands. Being together with other like-minded families, going through similar struggles feels good & safe. You BELONG here : ) 

Your Questions 

Positive Parenting curricilum is great, but everyone has Q's. I'll be sure to host a Q/A session at the end of our class, where I'll choose some of your real life questions to provide practical advice and coachin on. 

Staying Consistent

It can be easy to learn new tools, then not apply them in your everyday life. I'll teach you how to stay consistent in your application so you can effectively have less pushback on the daily.

Different Agegroups

Wondering "How will these concepts apply to MY kids agegroup"? Don't worry, I'll give you specific examples for each stage & age of kddos so your application is as sooth & effective as possible.  

What Really Works

I'll teach you what works and what doesn't when it comes to dissolving power struggles, so you can focus on effective strategies that will empower your kids AND make you feel confident as a strong leader of your household. 


What: Power Struggles Online Master Class 

When: Sept. 25th 2018 @ 9am PT

Where: Online (I'll provide link)

Why: Because you deserve to be supported with a full parenting toolkit that helps you feel confident, joyful & successful in your parenting walk...even when your kids push back & say NO! 

Not sure if positive parenting or this class is for you? Let me tell you a bit more about me & my own testimony...

Let me tell you a bit about why I feel like my soul's purpose is supporting awesome families just like yours. 

First off, I'm a parent also, with two beautiful, healthy, vibrant young kiddos, age 6 & 9. I live and work out of sunny San Diego as a Certified Parent Educator & Coach of "Redirecting Children's Behavior" & "The Joy of Parenting Program" (Two Positive Parenting programs that empower families with tools that teach children through kind, compassionate and respectful methods, while also focusing on setting healthy limits, strong rules & firm boundaries). I'm registered through the International Network for Children and Families and I absolutely LOVE supporting families.  

It's important however for you to know that I WASN'T always so positive with my parenting. 

Heck, to this day, even after being deeply immersed in this work for nearly the last decade, I still am not perfect when it comes to always being positive with my kids. Thank God Positive Parenting isn't about perfection, but instead grace, continuous learning, community and solid foundational tools that WORK to increase peace, joy & cooperation in our homes!  

But here's the truth.....  

I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS WORK AND IT'S ABILITY TO TRANSFORM FAMILIES, RELATIONSHIPS, AND THE WORLD! As Mother Theresa said "Peace in the world, starts with peace in the home.", so taking the time to embrace this work and strengthen your family is powerful and admirable.  

I'll never forget walking into that preschool community room as a student for my first Redirecting Children's Behavior class back in 2009, grabbing my nametag, and looking around at all the other parents (who I would have sworn knew nothing about how hard my life was in that moment). 

I was stressed out, hopeless, angry, annoyed and full of blame.  

Within a half hour I was laughing and feeling deeply understood. The teacher was amazing, real, funny, honest and extremely warm, as well as all of the other parents in the room. There was zero judgment....but instead heaps of encouragement, new ideas, and answers.  

I WAS HOOKED! I ran home to try out some new techniques with my munchkins.  

Some things worked immediately, some failed (with epic proportions) and some took quite some time to get good at, but they all WORKED and soon, the light started to return to my day. I was able to see goodness in my little wild child again, and I slowly got better at taking care of myself (& not letting my day go down the drains even when the colicky baby was screaming and the toddler was throwing her 4th tantrum of the day.)  

This stuff was GOLD and within a few years of practicing the work in my own home, I became much more fluent in speaking the "language" (applying the tools successfully)....and I knew I had to get certified as a teacher, so I could pass on the good news to others.  

Parenting shouldn't be done alone...without support. Today there are so many amazing, helpful, incredible tools to help us raise our kids with integrity, kindness, firmness and success, resulting in a much more joyous and confident journey. I truly find the utmost joy in helping families like YOURS learn this work!  

Wherever you're at, however you found me, I'm here for you completely. You've got this and I'm here to cheer you on.  

Come join me at class on September 25th, I promise you won't regret it! 

~Wendy Snyder


So ... what do ya say ... are you in?