Join the Connected Families "Discipline that Connects" Course - starting October 6th!

... Fresh Start Family & Connected Families is teaming up to bring you hope, encouragement & Jesus guided parenting support!

When: Starting Oct. 2020

What: A Connected Families online course all about Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart!

What kids learn when they are disciplined will last a lifetime. But well-intentioned parents miss their kids’ hearts during discipline. It happens all the time. Instead of building the wisdom and respect they hope for, parents inadvertently build discouragement and resentment, which drives their kids to misbehave more. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Join the Connected Families online course called Discipline that Connects with your Child’s Heart and open your heart to more connected parenting.

Where: Online (all info will be emailed to you upon registration)

How: Click HERE to head to the Discipline that Connects Information & Registration Page. Use code FRESHSTART for 15% off!

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